Imani Therapy supports women and adolescents who are motivated to learn, grow and make positive changes in their lives. Our mission is if you’re not living your life to the fullest you are not living, Imani Therapy is a wellness center that offers a serenity space for women and girls to be respected in their journey of fulfilling their purpose to live a productive life, with meaning and purpose.

We specialize in women and teen issues, we have collectively been in practice for over ten years and our vision started with the Imani principle. 

Imani means faith in Swahili, from a spiritual perspective, when our private practice started we knew it would be a faith walk, mental health has a stigma that causes people to not run to therapy but run away from it, but we know in order to allow the healing process to begin you must take the first step. 

So here we are, allowing you to begin the journey to nurturing inner awareness… 

We are licensed professional counselors, offering a unique perspective to wellness. We focus on prevention, intervention and wellness. Allow us to be a part of your healing journey!


Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Founder of Imani Counseling/Sistakeeper Empowerment Center

“When God tells you to walk, run like the wind for you are guaranteed to fly!”