Who is the NiaGroupSTL? 

Nia means purpose in Swahili, Group means coming together collectively  and STL represents our base Saint Louis, MO. The NiaGroupSTL is a group of women Arbonne Wellness consultants that promote intervention (Imani Therapy), prevention(SistaKeeper) and awareness (NIA) through our Wellness Programs, we are licensed clinical therapists, Independent Arbonne Consultants and Wellness Coaches who believe that if you are not living your life to the fullest, you are not living…so why not find your NIA (Purpose) and nurture inner awareness!

What is a Nia Wellness Circle?
Nia means purpose in Swahili, and our Nia Sista Circles are monthly Arbonne wellness circles for women designed to connect women to nurture inner awareness in each other, mentally, physically and spiritually.

What is a SistaKeeper Circle?
SistaKeeper Circles are our community/school based prevention circles for girls ages 8-18, held weekly in schools and monthly at our SistaKeeper Site, we focus on building self-awareness, diversity and leadership skills through various modes of creative expression.

Why is SistaKeeper spelled with an “a” instead of an “er”?
Because we feel that sister means biological related and sista means we are all connected, and we have more in common than we do different.

What is a NiaTherapy or ImaniTherapy Session?
 Individual sessions focusing on various interpersonal issues, utilizing the client-centered approach are ImaniTherapy sessions, held weekly or bi-weekly, both are private pay only. NiaTherapy are our professional or personal monthly sessions. Our Nia Wellness Circles are apart of our membership plans and all appointments can be booked through our MINDBODY Connect.

What does biblio-therapy mean?
It means that we use various modes of literature, poetry, music, movies, etc in a therapeutic approach to promote awareness.

When can we join your Keepers Support Circles for girls or Nia Wellness Circles for women?
You can join through SistaKeeper Community Circles (Prevention) through our Sistakeeper page and our Keepers support Circles (Intervention) or Nia Wellness Circles through our MINDBODY Connect.

How do you support girls that are in need of interpersonal counseling?
Through our Niapartner, Imani Therapy we offer individual counseling to girls, support circles for women and families using the cognitive behavior therapy and the client-centered approach.

Do you facilitate these circles in schools?
YES, Our circles are held 12-36 weeks year round in elementary, middle and high school settings. The girls receive the same sistakeeper membership benefits.

Do you sell your curriculum or facilitate a train the trainer?
Yes, for programs held outside of STL.

How can the community help?
You can become a Nia Wellness Partner, speaking at our wellness circles or by purchasing our DivineT's awareness Shirts at our Sistakeeper Shop, attend our wellness circles or donate to our nonprofit SistaKeeper thru our sow a seed page to support a young girl to become a member or donate to support our community based circles.

How does Sistakeeper reach out to the community?
We partner with various organizations and support awareness of issues that impact our sista such as breast cancer, HIV/Aids, sickle cell, lupus and diabetes. 

What is the ultimate vision for SistaKeeper & the NiagroupSTL?
 Girls and women will know that they have a purpose and they become advocates for women and girl awareness promoting sisterhood knowing “I define me!” 

How do we contact you to find out more about the Arbonne Experience?
Click here or contact our office to schedule a individual wellness session at (314)831-5433.