I define ME affirmations

It's spring time and we need to make a decision are we choosing to live our vision or merely just exist???

If you are choosing to Live the Vision! Then begin to plant seeds and expect a harvest! Sip on the knowledge that close mouths don't get fed! We all want to eat, right??? Soulfowers want to grow and I am indeed a Soulflower, the question is...are you?

So ask yourself what am I eating or drinking that is feeding or quenching my soul, mentally, physically and spiritually??? and get to work doing it! Nurture your SOUL!

Are you making a commitment??? If so find an accountability partner and tell them to keep you accountable! or just be a KEEPER to your self if you prefer to walk this journey alone!

Start with a short list of maybe 8 objectives and create 8 affirmations to push you to the finish line and start crossing them off the list! Share them with me! I would love for you to put them in the universe! Perhaps I will share mine next week as well! No matter, big or small, the list starts with you! Key word: START!

*the Number 8 means new beginnings, so let's begin!

Until next time, keep Sippin! Looking forward to connecting as we sip our next cup of therapy!



I haven't blogged in a minute, how about months! Why? Because I'm Owning IT!

2015 has taken me on a journey of walking by faith to literally faith-flying. People say be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! I say be careful what you pray for because you will get IT!

This year has truly felt like harvest time. I have been sowing seeds into my dreams and visions nOw for over 15 years and many of my dreams are now becoming a true reality! Author, Entrepreneur, therapist, Talk show host, National Motivational Speaker! (Wife, Mother, Woman) lol, Hear me roar!

Yes! I Define ME!

Never did I think, I would become a NAACP Award HomeTown Champion, walking the red carpet in LA, VIP with my oldest daughter! Faith-Flyin!

Never did I think, I would become a resident therapist on FOX2news, called to speak to social media issues. Faith-Walkin!

Never did I think, I would host two I-Heart Radio Shows for women and girls focusing on defining ourselves. Faith-Listening!

Never did I think, I would become a National Speaker on the National Stop the Girl Bullying tour from breakouts in Chicago to motivating others through KeyNotes in Las Vegas & ATL! Again, Faith-Flyin!

I have met AMAZING people on my journey!!! I mean AMAZING people who are also defining today as NiaSister, Soulflower Sisters, Women who are coming together collectively to redefine walking in love, joy, peace and harmony in a world that is starving and thirsty for purpose & change! (the bus is coming...)

I say all of this to say, I am not sure what is next on my journey but what I do know is I am ready! 

You want to know the secret, stop thinking and start walking! Whatever you  believe in awesome!

As for me, I Allowed God to clear my path. I walk the labryinth for clarity, I pray, read my word, journal and meditate on it and my circle keeps getting bigger!

I say all this to say, If you have a dream, a mission to accomplish, a vision that you must see through post your "I define Me Board!", speak it into existence & be a Keeper to your what's next! 

It is time to do what you love!So OWN IT! 

Keep Sippin,



Dig Deep


Digging Deep is a saying that I am sure we have all heard before.  Kinda like soul searching. Today we are focusing on being authentic enough, courageous enough to be daring…to do something you have been doing for quite awhile differently. Being courageous enough to look at outside ourselves and dig deep into the roots of our issues. Realizing the issue may be you.

My Journal entry...focuses on a simple issue in my house that needed resolution. For years tv and talk radio in my bedroom flooded the airwaves when I sleep and it leaves me sleepless; whereas my husband needs one or the other to sleep. Now for some compromising may seem simple. Yet out of anger, I chose to argue about the need not to have either technical vices in the room at all, why??? because after all it is MY bedroom! Correction OURS…lol.  So today out of love I decided to dig deep for the benefit of us all and take one for the team and simply order me some much desired sleep designed ear plugs that will allow is both the pleasure of a peaceful sleep. Simple solution uhn??? Believe you me, I had to dig deep for that one. For the life of me I do not know why that solution never came up. 

Now for you, your being stuck and not being able to hear yourself to dig deep issue may be deeper, more complex. It could be your sitting at a meaningless job, in a undesirable relationship or holding emotional pain and have not even thought of how to begin to dig, let alone go deep. 

May I suggest for today to courageously at least state your issue first, then go in a little a look at all corners of the circumstances and own what parts you have control over and what parts you don’t. Look at the entire photo without filters and begin to dig. This will allow you to see multiple solutions and you can now move deeper!

Let flow: Matthew 6:30-33 ending with…

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

You can do it! My ear pieces are being delivered in less than 48 hours, a small issue that I blew up resolved, digging deep in a different direction lead to the right solution. Your turn!

Keep Sippin,



Self Discovery

Today is November 21st 2013 we have less than 40 days left this year until 2014 so I decided for my last 40 days 2013 I would openly blog about my daily meditations. Please feel free to join me, please share and above all keep sippin...

Today's focus is self discovery how well do you know you know yourself? Do you know you? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin and if you do then how are you showing up to the world?If you know these answers today share them with the world..not the fabric in the details but share the method you used on your journey to OWNing YOUR NOW.

God woke me up today at 4:22.

1. I have learned when God wakes me up out of my sleep to get up.
So i tune my spirit into him to just listen.  TODAY I HEARD WORDS WITH NO ACTION IS DEAD and I'm all about living!

2. Next I grab a book of daily meditations. Today it was Until Today by Iyanla Vanzant. Whatever book feeds your spirit read it, I just happen to be reading this one again. I will be reading it for the the next 39 days of this journey (if you choose to join me) Today's theme was Self Discovery.

3. Next I begin to reflect on what I read through my  journaling.

My journal entry...As we walk into the light the brighter our reflection will be and others can't help but see it and feel it and reflect it.  Now if they try to blow it out. I have learned they can only do what we allow.  SO I choose today to allow the wind to shift my direction

So my sister as you sip my cup of tea therapy this morning...i'm asking you to fill it with the questions? What am I reflecting and which direction am I allowing the wind to move me.

3. I then open my bible to wherever my spirit leads me. This is the point in my meditation where God gives me clarity, confirmation, my purpose for today. Literally I just open it(faithwalk). Today I was pleasantly surprised it lead me to 2Kings 2:11

2 King 2:11 Elijahs's Ascension
And it came to pass as they still went on and talked that behold there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire and parted them both usunder and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

Are you praising him now? THIS IS THE TIME my sisters because God has given me my clarity!!!

 *** Now for confirmation... let me give you a lil extra bonus I just noticed he revealed to me my meditation was not in vain. He gave me 2 kings 2:11 and what time did he wake me up this morning at 4:22. Imagine that! It's real!

Now I don't gamble...i don't play numbers but I promise you this I will bet on God everytime!

Is GOD an awesome GOD or what!!!

Enjoy your day of self discovery! I am READY!

BE blessed, Be changed, and above all Keep sippin!
Namaste to you all!

Your Soulflower Sista,

Divine Tea


Own Your NOW!


  It has been almost and entire year since I have posted, I often question what made me disconnect and if I was truly honoring myself. I think it was for several reasons, sometimes we write and look for a reponse, and other times we feel we are doing too much, and I want to give it thought, not just blog for the sake of blogging and finally we have to realize when were doing too much. When I disconnected I begin to reconnect with unfinished peices that needed to be placed in my personal puzzle and I am so grateful that I did. My Sista how often do we start something yet never finish it and question why life is not in order, Hint: it is because we are out of order.

So, I took a break from the blog, to breathe, sip and fill my own cup. I am so thankful that I know how to listen to God and hear what he has for me. In taking a break from the blog I was able to finish up some loose ends, so that when God places me where I need to be I will be ready!

I am now walking in my today! Owning my NOW! All the peices to the puzzle are now complete. I'm a Keeper-The children's book, journal, t-shirt, SistaKeeper-the adolescent book, journal and t-shirt, and finally Own your Now-Poetry for women, journal and t-shirt! All complete! What a journey and I didn't know where God was leading me, all he asked was that I stay on the path, listen and Own my NOW!

My challenge to you...if by chance you have started a vision that God has placed in your life! It is time today to finish it! Life will bring us full circle and at the drop of a dime God will move in your life, but you must be ready...OWNing your NOW! Be able to endure the ride and allow the Rare Gem that you are shine! Know what it is that GOD has for you and Create that New you!!! NOW!

Are you ready to Be a Keeper to yourself, being a reflection of positivity living your life on purpose!

Let the world know I am Owning my NOW! As for me, It is just the beginning...Keep Sippin!


Your Soulflower Sista~DivineTea