SistaKeeper is for girls ages 8 to 18, sistas who want to make a difference in their lives and others. We nurture their inner spirit through empowering them to develop all their mental, physical and spiritual gifts. They participate in personal development intensive wrap around sessions, called Sista-Circles. The goal is to nurture inner awareness in girls to have a strong sense of self, being a sista to their friends and being a keeper to their community, thus finding their purpose!


SistaKeeper I Define ME Girls~National Partners (School/Community)

We offer literacy based, culturally relevant, gender-specific character building programs. Become a partner, purchase our start up kit (see SK SHOP), request training information, book a student assembly for your girls & more! Become a part of a Movement! 

I Define ME! Fridays (6th-8th Graders Only)


 Where: Christ the King(LLevel)/11370 Old Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant, MO

Held every 1st friday of the month at our North County location, girls come together and begin the journey of defining who they are and what they will represent! Because if you don't define yourself; someone else will! Come explore media literacy, music & so much more! Come enjoy light snacks, positive relationships and define you! Our motto is... I define ME!


RED ZONE! Fridays (IDM-High School Only)


Where: Imani Therapy, 3633 Marietta Ste. C, Florissant, MO 63033

Held every 3rd friday of the month, at our ImaniTherapy location. Teen girls enter the RED Zone to be empowered! Come into a positive space, chill out, enjoy refreshments, connect with other young ladies in a mentoring circle that represents you! Free Yo Mind! spit poetry, speak out about issues that are important to you, give advice & hear from professional women in the community! Join us as we let go of negativity & flow with purpose!  Our Motto is to...Reach the Essence of Development! Knowing I am a SistaKeeper!


"I Define ME!" Spring Retreat (held in April)

This weekend overnight retreat is for 8th-12th grade girls ONLY!!! We will participate in a bonding experience that offers a sacred space to define the meaning of "I Define ME!” to self mentally, physically & spiritually! Music, Dance, Poetry, conversation and fun, fun, fun! Come Kickback with us! A SistaKeeper Weekend you will always remember!

Limited to 20 girls (members only).



SistaKeeper Book Circle-B.A.M.M (books,art,music,movies)

SISTAKeepHER Mentoring-(One on One mentoring Activities)

**All SK HS members must complete a minimum of 15 community service volunteer hours within our membership year.

**Contact us at (314) 831-5433 regarding the school-based Programs we offer during school or after school hours.


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