Counseling for Women

The stress of life’s responsibilities is often overwhelming, causing anxiety and depression that can interfere with day to day activities and relationships with family and friends. Financial hardship, strained relationships, or trouble at home, work or school can sap the joy and fulfillment we all long to experience. Sometimes fear of the future or wounds from the past can prevent us from moving in a direction that’s healthy for us and those we love.

Whether you are a young woman adjusting to the new challenges of adulthood or an older woman struggling to overcome obstacles that have been holding you back, we want to help. We are confident that we can work together to implement a plan of action that will promote healing and growth. Our goal is to create a safe, accepting environment where you are free to nurture your inner awareness.  If you think you could benefit from the kind of support we offer, please contact our office about setting up an appointment today.

Areas addressed may include but are not limited to: Stress and anxiety reduction, Depression, Anger management, Career counseling, Improving self-worth, Conflict resolution, Relationship building, Loneliness, Breaking unhealthy habits and Improving communication.


Teen counseling

We all know the teen years are some of the most challenging ever faced. During this developmental period, adolescents want independence and freedom, yet still need healthy boundaries to be set by adults who love and care for them. Maybe you sense your teen is doing more than his or her share of struggling through these years. Maybe you know it. Some emotional ups and downs are normal, but if your teen is often in turmoil, it may be time to seek professional assistance. 

Though teens often resist adult “interference” in their lives, it’s now more than ever that they need the stability and safety of a parent or guardian who loves them enough to give them what they need—even if it’s not what they want. Working with teens is our specialty. 

We would love to speak with you about how your teen can receive the care he or she needs to escape unhealthy patterns of behavior and learn that there is hope for a promising future. 

If you feel your teen could benefit from counseling, call to set up an appointment. The earlier the problem can be identified and treated, the greater the likelihood of success in overcoming it. 


Counseling for Couples

Research has shown that at least 50% of all marriages end in divorce, with second and third marriages being even less likely to succeed. At first glance, it’s a frightening statistic—but it doesn’t have to be if you and your spouse are willing to reach out for help. Couples who value their relationships and/or marriages need to know you can utilize counseling in a safe space to reach your desired goals.

Whatever your struggle, we would like to help. We believe that there is hope for the healing of every marriage, but there definitely has to be an intentional effort to set things right. Let’s meet and talk about how you and your partner can enjoy the rich, fulfilling relationship you both want. 

Some common themes we will likely address include: Healthy communication, Becoming aware of one another’s needs, Rekindling intimacy, Conflict triggers and how to avoid them, Anger management, Mutual respect, Setting healthy boundaries and goals

Don't let your marriage or relationship become a statistic. Call to set up your first appointment today.