Our Mission:

I Define Me.

We empower women and girls through therapeutic individual therapy, mentoring wellness programs to be Keepers, defining their voices to incorporate love principles to define their purpose. Nurturing Inner Awareness…Knowing I Define ME not society.


Our Mission

The I Define ME Movement was birthed out of SistaKeeper Empowerment Center founded by Tracie Berry-McGhee in 2002, to empower, inspire, and develop the mind, body, and spirit of our young women into women with a purpose. As a licensed Therapist, writer and motivational speaker she was inspired to incorporate an inspirational, educational curricula, books, journals and social emotional programming for girls empowering them to find their purpose. WE offer counseling to Women & Teen girls and mentoring wellness circles in our school based/Community programs.

Tracie is now a Global EmpowerNista Speaker providing keynotes, for girls and women in educational settings, faith-based churches and for youth organizations. She facilitates seminars, professional development, workshops and conferences offering train- the- trainers to mentors to offer mentoring and therapeutic support circles for young girls in various settings.

As the I Define ME movement continued to grow the vision to empower all girls birthed us into becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization in April of 2004. SistaKeeper Empowerment Center offering prevention, intervention and awareness services to build diversity, leadership and character skills making our young girls aware of issues that impact our communities daily through public speaking and awareness.

Our vision is to break down walls of prejudice, build diversity, self-esteem, and leadership skills. Empowering young girls to become Keeper ambassadors, social activist for their communities, realizing together we can break cycles, and build sisterhood, locally, nationally, and globally.

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I Define ME Pledge

Take the "I Define Me! Pledge"


I am who I am

I am unique

I am WE!

I represent Unity

I am diversity

A mosaic of people live in me!

I am my history

My story is my legacy

my voice delivers solutions

my mind seeks knowledge

my spirit flows with purpose

I am inspired, I am empowered, I am naturally me!

I reflect positivity, I hold the Key to my destiny, 

it's all about me!

I Define Me!



Every year we reach over 1000 girls!

Empowering girls worldwide to take the I Define ME Pledge, to journal, meditate and dedicate themselves to being a Keeper to self and their community!



Years Serving communities

We started in 2002, in 2004 we became a nonprofit! We now have global presence continuing to impact our community by empowering girls to bring awareness to issues such as Bullying, HIV, Breast Cancer, Sickle Cell, Lupus and defining their purpose



Over 20,000 girl will be Impacted by 2020

The I Define Me Movement will Launch a National Tour impacting girls & Women all over the World! Dedicated to girls knowing you must own your now, to define your tomorrow! WE define the world, not society! WE are SistaKeepers!



Nia means purpose in Swahili, Group means coming together collectively and STL represents our base Saint Louis, MO. The NiaGroupSTL is a group of Women Wellness consultants that promote intervention (Imani Therapy), prevention(SistaKeeper) and awareness (NIA) through our I Define Me Movement. We believe that if you are not living your life to the fullest, you are not living…so why not find your NIA (Purpose) and Nurture Inner Awareness! 


Join the Movement

The I Define ME Movement is not just a slogan, we are a Movement empowering Women & Girls to see themselves from a mental, physical, spiritual, financial perspective.

Our founder, Tracie Berry-McGhee,M.Ed.,LPC travels the world promoting the mission through her speaking engagements , books, I DefineME Tees, and products!

We promote the Love Principle! Were we…Listen, Observe, Validate and Empower !


We integrate prevention through our(501)c3 SistaKeeper Empowerment Center, offering mentoring wellness circles school based and community based. Connect with us to facilitate programming within your community .



ImaniTherapy is our private practice, We offer female professional licensed therapist in a therapeutic setting specific to Women & teen girls issues such as interpersonal issues, depression, self-awareness, anxiety and grief. We are a private practice offering in office and online services utilizing the client centered approach. Private pay affordable rates only. Your mental wellness is worth it!



We promote Self- Awareness! Thus being able to define your purpose! Nia mean Purpose in Swahili! ! Our group is called the NiaGroupSTL, Sow seeds into yourself & find your purpose. It’s time to Nurture Inner Awareness…

Being a part of the I Define Me Movement shows the world that society doesn’t define me!
I am a Keeper for life!
I am an I DefineME Girl!
— Joy Edwards, KC MO

October 2004

Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed.,LPC, Author, Poet, National Empowerment Speaker also known as DivineTea writes to inspire, educate and empower girls & women to define their voices. Order your curricula, individual copies, or get your I Define ME products here today!

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Own YOUR Now!

How will you become apart of the movement? By scheduling an individual counseling session & beginning your personal journey of empowerment? By signing up to be a SistaKeeper and joining a circle of girls defining their purpose! Perhaps you want to start a circle in your school or community? Either way your a click away from defining your destiny! Welcome to the I Define ME Movement!



Allow your healing process to begin click the link and schedule your initial consultation , individual therapy session in office or online or contact us at 314-831-5433.

Become a SistaKeeper!

Join the I Define ME Movement and Become a Sistakeeper today! Membership covers you for the year! Get your I Define ME Tee, journal, IDM band & See ya in the next circle!

Sow a Seed

Sow a seed, gift a young lady with opportunities to grow and become the change the world needs! Impact our community with your donation today!

It’s Time to Define the Vision! Join our I Define ME Movement! Say it with ME…I Define ME!

It’s Time to Define the Vision! Join our I Define ME Movement! Say it with ME…I Define ME!