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Est. 2004

SistaKeeper was birthed to empower, inspire, and develop the mind, body, and spirit of our young women into women with a purpose.  Founded by Tracie Berry-McGhee, as SistaKeeper Empowerment Center were the first SistaCircle was held in her basement, with her best friend Joy Edwards. As a licensed Therapist, writer and motivational speaker she was inspired to incorporate an inspirational, educational poetry spoken word CD, book, workbook and journal for African-American girls empowering them to find their purpose. 

Tracie is now a global inspirational Empowerment Speaker, providing keynotes for girls and women in educational settings, faith-based churches and for youth organizations. She facilitates seminars, workshops and conferences offering train- the- trainers to mentors to offer mentoring and therapeutic support circles for young girls in various settings. 

Sistakeeper is a God Given Mission, developed to empower, inspire and develop the mind, body and spirit of young women into women with a purpose.

We create a society of young women who know who they are, what they believe in, and what they stand for. They can make educated choices, be assertive, display teamwork and be true to self, fighting for issues that plague our communities, breaking generational cycles, yet dedicated to make a difference. 

Through our mentoring circles, workshops, journaling, public speaking events, young women will display an increased awareness of self-confidence, realization of self-discipline, improved relationships with others, develop character and are empowered to grow positively! Knowing possibilities can become realities if you stay focused on your journey.

If your school or community based program has a interest in being a chapter! Join us in defining “I Define ME Movement” the vision. Our circles offer Social-Emotional Learning components, Restorative Justice and Mentoring Wellness programming in modules focused on developing communication arts in regards to writing (poetry), oral communication (presentations), and literature based materials (reading) through intensive yearly wrap-around circles.

These are structured/facilitated life skill circles utilizing poetry and biblio-therapy, thus providing girls an opportunity to dialogue about school issues, creating a safe place to develop literary and oral speaking skills, while focusing on conflict resolution. Therefore, developing a positive attitude and maintaining healthy mental wellness. All girls begin a journaling process after receiving an empowerment packet to learn more about self, the importance of education and community involvement.

All girls that participate in our circles or programs as well as throughout the school year have the opportunity to participate in SistaKeeper Awareness Events, and others that allow them to spotlight their accomplishments. All girls will participate in our circles representing positivity and belonging to a unified group of educated, positive, goal-oriented, female leaders with a defined purpose to define their voices individually and collectively taking the pledge knowing "I Define ME!".

SistaKeeper School-Based Circles (Prevention)

Our School-Based Circles offer 12 -week programming. We offer girls a safe space during school/after school hours to be involved in social emotional learning, increasing emotional intelligence while decreasing relational aggression, and allowing girls to see the value of being a Keeper through journaling and defining your their individual and collective voices. #idefineme

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I Define ME Mentoring Circles (Community)

Are held at our Sistakeeper location for girls 7th-12th grade.  The place to be for Teen girls to enter the IDM Zone to be empowered! Come into a positive space, chill out, enjoy refreshments, connect with other young ladies in a mentoring circle that represents you! Free Yo Mind! Spit poetry, speak out about issues that are important to you, give advice & hear from professional women in the community! Members Free/friends $5 1st Fridays 7-9pm

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SoulFlower Sista…

I Define ME Girl SPEAKS!

Our Founder, Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed.,LPC (SoulflowerSista, DivineTea) is a Nationally known EmpowerNista for Girls! Traveling the world spreading the message of Empowerment! Every girl needs to know their value and know they are I Define ME Girls & Women who can make a difference. She promotes her books, I Define ME T-shirt line and topics that impact girls and women worldwide! She can be booked for your all-girl assemblies, conferences, book signings, retreats, women summits and church youth rallies. (Website)

I am Who I am! I am Unique. I am WE! I Represent Unity!

I am Diversity, A Mosaic of People live in Me, I am My history My story is my legacy. My voice delivers solutions, my mind seeks knowledge and my spirit flows with purpose. I am inspired, I am empowered,

I am naturally me.

I reflect positivity,

I hold the Key to my destiny.

It’s all about ME!