I Define ME Movement


The I Define ME Movement was birthed out of SistaKeeper for Women & Girls to bring awareness to the importance of defining our voices collectively! Representing positive media, television, radio and being a Keeper to issues that impact our global communities. This MOVEMENT is an ACTION statement for us to know our value and worth knowing society doesn’t define us! When you take the I Define ME pledge you support our initiatives. Become an I Define ME Girl! Purchase our I Define ME Tees, Join our SistaKeeper Community Circles, Watch our Shows, Take the I Define Pledge & Spread the word knowing, “I Define ME!”


I Define ME Mentoring Community-Based Circles (Prevention)

Co-facilitated by Original Members Lia & Bria & Community Volunteer Mentors! A place to be for teen girls to enter the I Define Me Zone to be empowered! Come into a positive space, chill out, enjoy refreshments, connect with other young ladies in a mentoring circle that represents you! Free Yo Mind! Spit poetry, speak out about issues that are important to you, give advice & hear from professional women in the community!

 Join us as we let go of negativity & flow with purpose!  

Our Motto is...I Define ME! (Members free/Friends $10)

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 Our Community Circles dates for the 2019/20 year are:

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Held every 1st Friday! Girls 7th-12th grade

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I am WHO I am, I am Unique! I am WE! I represent UNITY! I am Diversity, a MOSAIC of People live I ME! I am My HISTORY and my STORY is my Legacy! My VOICE delivers solutions. My MIND seeks Knowledge & My SPIRIT flows with purpose! I am INSPIRED, I am EMPOWERED, I am NATURALLY me. I reflect POSITIVITY, I Hold the KEY to my destiny, It’s all about ME! #IDEFINE ME


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I Define ME Movement

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“I Define ME!”